EST. 1989


Anna Sagel first settled in Boone, NC, in the 1980s but she wasn’t quite sure how she was going to make a living. Fresh off the water where she’d worked as cook and crew on sailboats in the Caribbean and Mediterranean, all she knew was she wanted to find a way to stay in these magical mountains. In 1989 she decided to take a chance and “ad-lib” it! Her story is truly one of adventure...

A lifelong world traveler who grew up in Spain, Belgium and England, Anna was tri-lingual by the age of 10. She later lived in Costa Rica and traveled much of Central America and had a hunch that the colorful, handmade Guatemalan goods she’d seen on her travels would be a hit with the students at Appalachian State University. So with $1,000 savings in her pocket, she headed to Guatemala and loaded up! Within six months, Anna had made as many trips, and she knew she was onto something. 

Over the years, Adlib’s look has evolved to reflect her international style and dynamic personality. The boutique has become known far and wide for its unique and varied selection of women’s clothing, jewelry and accessories and now, 30 years later, Anna is still the proud owner one of Asheville’s oldest and best known women’s boutiques.

Anna attributes the success of Adlib in large part to its great staff. All the women at Adlib pride themselves in offering great customer service, and women both appreciate it and come back regularly for the personal attention and assistance they know they will always get there.

We hope you enjoy Adlib as much as we do!