The following are our COVID-19 shopping guidelines and rules.  We appreciate everyone's cooperation with us as we transition into new territory. While we encourage online reservations, you are welcome to call or come by the store to see if there is time available to shop.  We will do everything in our power to accommodate you so you can have a positive shopping experience.  Thank you!

Personal Assistants 

  • Because we are transitioning to a reservation system, our sales team will be providing one on one assistance and will be functioning as the customer's personal assistant.
  • Personal assistants will adhere to strict health and safety standards.  
  • Personal assistants will wear face masks and gloves (provided by Adlib) at all times.
  • Personal assistants will check and record each other's temperatures and will enter these into a log upon arrival.  A second temperature check and log will take place before leaving for the day.
  • Personal assistants will maintain a clean store for customers to shop in and a clean workspace by thorough sanitizing and by following protocols set forth in this guide.


  • Customers are encouraged to make reservations on the website to guarantee their time with a personal shopper.  Customers may call the store to see if there is an unclaimed reservation slot or cancellation.
  • Adlib will only take walk ins or call ins if there is an open appointment.  If a customer takes an open appointment, the appointment will only last for the remaining amount of time in the appointment slot. Customers are highly encouraged to make a reservation to shop. 
  • Our reservation system is set up to accommodate two guests per time period.  Each time period will last 45 minutes. 
  • Each guest will be assigned a personal assistant which will make for a maximum of 4 people in the store at any time.
  • Customers are welcome to request a personal assistant of their choosing.  Adlib will work to accommodate these requests but cannot guarantee that assistant will be available at the given time.  
  • Once the customer's 45 minute shopping appointment has been fulfilled they will exit the store and the personal assistants will use the 15 minutes in between reservations to sanitize.
  • All customers MUST wear a face mask at all times.
  • If a customer does not have a face mask, Adlib will be retailing a line of beautiful face masks for $10. Adlib will not be allowing customers on premise without a mask. 
  • Customers will be given hand sanitizer upon arriving and must apply it upon entrance to the building.
  • Customers will not be allowed to touch any store merchandise.  If a customer wishes to see something more closely, their assigned personal assistant will sanitize it before handling it to show them and answer any questions they have. 
  • If customers wish to try on clothing, their personal assistant will put the garments in the changing room for them.
  • Customers must keep their face mask on while trying on clothes.
  • If they decide to purchase items the customer will bring them to the front counter where their personal assistant will complete the sales transaction.
  • Customers should leave any unwanted items in the changing room. Clothing will not be placed back on the floor until it has been sanitized.
  • Customers who do not comply with these protocols will be asked to leave the premises. 


  • All sales transactions will be by credit card. only.  Adlib will not be accepting cash or checks at this time.


  • Personal Assistants will be responsible for maintaining the sales area cleanliness at all times.
  • Adlib will provide all sanitizing materials, including UV light wands which they will apply to the sales reception area, including the keyboard and credit card terminal after each use.  
  • Personal assistants will sanitize and use the UV light wand on all hangers and merchandise left in the changing room before returning it to the sales floor.


  • Rest rooms will be for employees only. They will be cleaned after each use.