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Can you believe it's fall already?
September has sped by and we cannot believe that October and fall to winter weather is right around the corner.  This fall we're getting outside, walking all the gorgeous trails and paths and really enjoying where we live.  The air is crisp, the apples orchard is open, and we are so excited for all of the fall items we are stocking.  Perhaps you want some lightweight tees and shirts to layer...maybe you're looking for that one jacket that you can reach for every single time and know that it fits and is infinitely flattering, or maybe you're ready to start your Christmas shopping and want to snag a few scarves and socks to gift your friends... Whatever shopping you're doing- we have got the perfect items for you!  In our fall collection we have rich fabrics, unique and one of a kind styles, chunky knits, denim accents, details galore and SO much more.  As we think about the coming holidays and the warm feelings we get as we approach fall and winter- we are really thankful for those who have supported us this weird and wild year.
 We hope you'll shop our fall collection--know that we have curated it while thinking of each and every one of you who have come to our shop, interacted with us online, offered suggestions, or chatted with us.
 We're excited for what we're debuting... so come take a look!


AdLib is having a great big end of summer Labor Day sale!  Whether you're shopping in store or online, we have marked down many items 50% so you can build your wardrobe and get more items to layer for the coming seasons.  We're making room for lots of fall items that will be arriving soon and we're inviting you to come take advantage of possibly our biggest sale ever! Head to our online store, make an appointment to shop with us, or call/stop by to see if we've got a spot available to shop with one of our personal assistants so you can come for our big sale!  We look forward to seeing you all, packing your online orders, and sharing these lovely end of summer items with you.  Thank you all for the support you give us on a daily basis, we feel lucky that our community stretches so far and wide and that we get to connect with you-our guests- each and every day. Thank You!





AdLib is pleased to announce that our online store is now open!

We have lots of great items that have been posted and more items coming in each day.  Select Friday's we will release new items into our store- you'll want to move quick, though, as amounts are limited and items go quickly!  If you've been thinking about buying that shirt to add to your wardrobe, now is the time!  The seasons are changing and this is the perfect time to grab a sales item to layer with your warmer clothes, or buy that scarf or jacket you've been thinking of so you can accessorize for Fall.  

As always, AdLib strives to have unique and one of a kind items that become instant staples in your wardrobe and our online store is no different.  We have posted some of the loveliest items we have to offer and we hope you'll enjoy browsing.  

Some of the great features on our online store are notifications when an item comes back in stock, exclusive sales items, free local pickup, and free priority shipping on orders of $100 or more.  We also have gift cards that can be sent and used on our online store so you can send the gift of AdLib without wondering what size you need to buy or which pattern would look best in your friend's wardrobe.  

Hope you'll all enjoy shopping online with us as much as you would in the store! We'll be keeping you posted with newsletters and social media on new items and exclusive sales.  

Look forward to seeing your orders come through soon!